7 Top Spiritual Life Hacks For 2017

There are plenty of lifehack posts written for moms, students, fitness freaks and everyone in between, so what about a list of spiritual life hacks to improve spiritual health?

Here’s my collection.

And this isn’t just a few ideas, I’m letting you know the exact apps, books I’ve read and tools I use to keep my life and ministry on track.

Enjoy my spiritual life hacks for 2017. Why not give one (or more) a try?

Social media fast
Our church fasts social media in January. We did it for the first time last year and it was so refreshing. It’s not just a fast for the sake of fasting, we switch off social media with the purpose of tuning in to the Spirit and gaining His direction for the year ahead. You should give it a go. The results are awesome.

Bible reading plan
I no longer read the Bible… wait for it… as a book. For better or worse I predominantly read the Bible on my phone. My favourite Bible app is YouVersion mostly because it’s free and because of the great reading plans you can do. I’ve completed loads of short (5-7 day) plans but currently I’m reading a year long plan. The OWNit365 One Story Plan is not a read the Bible in a year plan but it does take you through all the major stories and happenings through the Bible in a year. It’s a great plan and you have a day off every week in case you get behind.

My husband is a huge podcast listener. I’m not quite as diligent as he however I listen to two to three podcasts per week. My favourites include Elevation Church, Mosaic (Erwin McManus) and the Craig Groschel Leadership Podcast.

Friday Devotions with Phil Pringle
My husband and I follow Phil Pringle on Facebook and he does a Facebook live morning devotional every Friday morning at 7am Sydney time. Whenever my husband and I tune in we feel refreshed. He shares pure gold and is worth checking out.

Pray in the Spirit
Goes without saying really, but it is a habit I cultivate in the car, shower, whenever and wherever. The ultimate soul reset and restore.

2016 has been a great year of reading for me. The best books I read this year: The Girl From The Train by Irma Joubert (fiction), Without Rival by Lisa Bevere but by far the best book I read in 2016 was Fervent by Priscilla Schrier. Life changing. Mind blowing. And it’s about prayer. It has made my prayers are more powerful.

Oh, another hack, I read non-fiction on my phone when I have a free moment on the Kindle app. It is way more productive than checking my Facebook status or Instagram.

Get groceries delivered
So this one is not so spiritual, but if you are time poor (hello), do yourself a favour and stop going to the grocery store and get them delivered. It saves time in the long run.

Has it changed my life? It’s given me an extra hour in my week. That’s pretty life changing.

What spiritual life hacks are in your reportior? I’d love to hear them.

PS. My latest book, Together: A Journey Of Godly Marriage is on sale for just $0.99 on Amazon from 23 January for one week. It you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to grab a copy or buy one for a friend.

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