A Christmas Love Story (Can Be Your Story)

Matthew 1:20-21 (MSG) God’s angel spoke in the dream: “Joseph, son of David, don’t hesitate to get married. Mary’s pregnancy is Spirit-conceived. God’s Holy Spirit has made her pregnant. She will bring a son to birth, and when she does, you, Joseph, will name him Jesus—‘God saves’—because he will save his people from their sins.”

Once upon a time there lived a couple in love. They had know each other for as long as they could remember. It was their destiny to be together.

They didn’t know, but it was so much more than that.

Then she fell pregnant. And it wasn’t his. He was hurt and confused.

Even so they got married. Within weeks they embarked on a journey, but it was no honeymoon. He forgot to book a hotel room and she went into labour with no birthing suite in sight – just a barn full of animals and all their mess.

And so began their marriage. Suspicion. Doubt. Love. Heartache. Dreams. And a treacherous journey culminating in the greatest gift to all humankind.

It was the destiny of their union to raise the Son of God.


The purpose of your marriage is more than being together. It is more than raising godly children. It is more than happily ever after.

God brought you together to give birth to salvation, promise and fulfilment. He has a plan for your marriage. A beautifully blessed assignment from heaven to birth a gift to the world.

I wonder what it might look like? A babe wrapped in swaddling cloths lying in a manger? Your gift may not appear so glamorous, but the greatest gifts never are.

Your marriage, your love is bigger than the two of you. It is far over and above all you can ask or imagine. Never stop believing in the wonder of what God can accomplish through two people who decide to live the rest of their lives as one.

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Sarah Coleman is wife, mother of two boys, writer, pastor, teacher and friend. She loves Jesus with a passion and the feel of Australian sand beneath her toes.

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