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Week 1: Day 1

Genesis 1:28 (CEV) God gave them his blessing and said: Have a lot of children! Fill the earth with people and bring it under your control. Rule over the fish in the ocean, the birds in the sky, and every animal on the earth.

The God of Heaven has pronounced a blessing over you – have a lot of children. If you wonder whether God’s will is for you to have children, Genesis 1:28 should settle it for you. God’s blessing is to have children. It is His will.

After God created humankind He blessed them and said, “Have children.” His mandate has not changed. He wants you to have children. Inability to conceive is not a sign that children are not part of God’s plan for you. God’s will for you is to have a child. Children are a blessing that He wants to bestow on you and your spouse.

Decide to settle this in your heart once and for all: God wants you to have a child. No ifs or buts. Begin the journey of faith to receive what He has promised.

The Almighty has spoken: Have a lot of children. It is your destiny. Believe it, and receive it.

Confession and prayer: God wants me to have a baby. How exciting!


Week 2: Day 1

Luke 1:49-50 (NLT) For the Mighty One is holy, and he has done great things for me. He shows mercy from generation to generation to all who fear him.

This passage is from the Magnificat, the song that Mary sang to Elizabeth after she became pregnant with the Son of God. Mary was overwhelmed with praise to the Lord in response to her pregnancy.

Falling pregnant is a wonderful time, especially when it is something you have desired. Conceiving a baby comes easily for some, and not so easily for others. While Mary’s conception with Jesus Christ came about easily, I can’t imagine it was the kind of conception she had in mind.

Conception and pregnancy can, at times, throw couples some curve balls. Whether you have the ideal conception, pregnancy, or birth, decide now that whatever happens, you will praise the Lord. Don’t allow situations to get you down. Pregnant, not pregnant, morning sickness, bloating, swollen ankles, natural birth, caesarean section, healthy baby, a baby you need to fight for: praise the Lord, and rejoice in God your Saviour.

Confession and prayer: No matter what happens in this pregnancy, I choose to rejoice.


Week 3: Day 3

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT) Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

When trying to conceive it can be tempting to read, understand, and trust the report of health professionals, and others who have been in a similar situation. While there is nothing wrong with knowledge, it can often fill your mind with human reasoning and doubt. Instead, trust in the Lord, and He will show you which path to take.

God has everything under control. He knows when you’re ovulating. He knows your body better than anyone. He also works miracles, and overrides the laws of nature in order that His will be done. He has enabled many women of the Bible to fall pregnant, and He can do it for you.

Stop relying on your own (and other’s) understanding. Don’t be anxious about what is going on in your body, second guessing every feeling and sign. Relax, trust the Lord. He knows when and how you will fall pregnant. He has a wonderful pregnancy path for you.

Confession and prayer: I trust in the Lord with all my heart, and falling pregnant is in His control.


Week 5: Day 2

Proverbs 10:22 (NLT) The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.

God wants to bless you. Blessing is what He does. It’s His speciality. And in case you were wondering, God’s blessings are good things. They make you rich. Rich financially, emotionally, relationally, and physically. They even make you rich with children.

The second half of this scripture is vital to your understanding with regards to pregnancy – He adds no sorrow with it. Children are a blessing. God adds no sorrow with the blessing of children. That means there is no miscarriage, no morning sickness, no gestational diabetes, no swelling, no disease, and no malformation.

God desires that your pregnancy be a rich and positive experience. Pray this over your body and baby. You will not miscarry. Your baby will carry to full term, and be perfect. The side effects of pregnancy will not bring sorrow, despite what has happened in past pregnancies, or family history. Receive the full blessing of the Lord that makes you rich, and brings no sorrow with it.

Confession and prayer: Lord, I do not accept any sorrow with this pregnancy. Instead, I believe for a rich and wonderful experience.


Week 6: Day 1

2 Kings 4:14 (NLT) Later Elisha asked Gehazi, “What can we do for her?”Gehazi replied, “She doesn’t have a son.”

Elisha was a prophet of God. There was a woman in the town of Shunem that recognised the anointing on his life. She decided to provide for Elisha by feeding him, and even building a home for him whenever he came into her town. Because of her generosity, Elisha wanted to give her something in return. When Elisha asked what she needed she replied that she was well looked after. What she was not willing to admit, was the one thing she wanted, the one thing she could not have – a child.

Many people feel as this woman did – their life is complete, they lack nothing, except the joy of children. And many, like the woman of Shunem, will not admit their pain to anyone.

But the One who knows all, knew that in her heart of hearts, the woman of Shunem desired a child. Her desire had not gone unnoticed. Though she may have been able to fool some, she could not fool God. He knew the one thing she wanted more than anything else, was a child.

You may have tried to push the desire for children from your mind. You have perfected smiling as if nothing is wrong, when you hear someone else is pregnant, although the pain is intense. Your life is full and complete. You don’t want to seem ungrateful, but…

God knows, God hears. He sees your silent tears. And He answers.

Confession and prayer: Father God, thank You for giving me my deepest desires.


Week 8: Day 4

Psalm 139:13 (NLT) You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.

The God of Heaven is knitting together all the delicate parts of your baby’s body inside your womb. This miracle is going on in your body right now. How breathtaking!

By now your baby has a heartbeat, and her brain is becoming more complex. Baby has arms that bend at the elbows, and even a cute button nose (or at least the makings of one). Delicate hands, fingers, feet, and toes are beginning to form. Lungs and other internal organs are taking shape. Baby may still be an embryo, but she has all the makings of a little person.

Pray for your child as she is developing today. Imagine the beautiful work of art that is happening inside your womb. Look forward in anticipation to the day when you will see this incredible masterpiece face to face. God is doing a wonderful thing inside you. Ponder that.

Confession and prayer: Father, I count it such a privilege to be a parent. Thank You for the miracle of life that is taking place in my womb. All the delicate, beautiful parts of my baby are being knit together. Amazing!


Week 11: Day 4

Psalm 147:13 (NIV) He strengthens the bars of your gates and blesses your people within you.

God blesses His people. Not only that, but He blesses the person within you. Isn’t that nice? What a lovely thought.

Right now, you are one of the few people on earth who has a little person within. A little person who is blessed beyond measure, blessed as she grows within you. Feeling special? Feeling loved by Your Father? Are you feeling blessed?

Not only is the life within you blessed, but He strengthens you in the process. The blessing of the Lord upon your child, is a blessing on your womb and body, to prosper and thrive. Your baby is not a burden to your body, but a blessing. You are strong and healthy, giving life and nourishment to your child. Baby is blessed within you, from the nutrients given via your placenta. More than that, she is blessed from on high. Father blesses the one within you. The thought just makes you smile.

Confession and prayer: Father, thank You for blessing the child within me, and giving me renewed strength.

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