Don’t Disqualify Yourself from the Good Life

Swimming is a popular sport in Australia. Our weather and amazing coastline mean children are taught to swim as toddlers.

For those who wish to become elite, the road to swimming glory is not easy. Early morning training sessions, long black line lap after lap, no sound, no companions – a lonely sport.

Swimmers train day in day out for the ultimate glory – Olympic gold. They push the limits to make the team, heats, and final, giving their all in a chance for gold.

At the last Olympic Games in London, there was a massive upset in the pool. South Korean 400m swimmer, Park Tae-hwan, was disqualified by a referee in his heat for a false start. With that decision he was disqualified from the chance of defending his Olympic title; disqualified from the elation of another Olympic gold medal. Four years of sacrifice, pain and hard work snatched from his grasp.

After much deliberation it was found that Park Tae-hwan did not false start. The referee’s decision was overruled and he was able to swim the final that evening.

Like FINA, God is in the business of overruling disqualifications. Because of Jesus, you are not disqualified from the pleasures of life. As His child you are entitled to live life to the full.

Genesis 18:12 So she laughed silently to herself and said, “How could a worn-out woman like me enjoy such pleasure, especially when my master—my husband—is also so old?”

Sarah was almost ninety and barren. She had not experienced the pleasure of raising a child. When El Shaddai told her husband she would give birth to a child she felt age disqualified her from experiencing such pleasure.

Age did not disqualify Sarah from experiencing pleasure; she gave birth to a son, Isaac. And age does not disqualify you. [FYI: I published an article on Crosswalk about my recent milestone of turning forty. I talk about age stereotypes, and what the Bible has to say. I think you’ll like it.]

You may be comfortable with your age, but perhaps other matters hold you back. Do sins of the past, divorce, sickness or family history disqualify you from an amazing life?

They do not.

Divorce does not disqualify you from the pleasure of a good second marriage. 

Diagnosed depression does not disqualify you from a happy life. 

Mistakes from the past do not disqualify you from experiencing the life God designed. 

Transgressions of your family do not disqualify you from future blessing.

Jesus bore the sin; you don’t have to. Release it. Father created you to experience pleasure. There are greater promises and pleasures for you. God has blessing, not sorrow, in store (Proverbs 10:22). A life lived with Him is loaded with benefits (Psalm 103:2). His love and mercy have no expiry date (Psalm 136:1).

You did not false start. You did not drop the baton. The Cross overruled your disqualification. Don’t disqualify yourself. Experience His pleasure. Because of Jesus, you deserve it.

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