Don’t Underestimate Team

There have been plenty great kings in history. Think King Richard of the Crusades, Napoleon Bonaparte or even Alexander the Great. When it comes to kings of Israel, the greatest king, apart from Jesus, was David.

David defeated his many enemies. He fought a giant and won. People made up a song about him. Even today, mourners wail at his coffin.

Do you know the secret to David’s success? Was it physical strength? Or his unwavering tenacity? Perhaps it was God’s favour upon his life?

I believe he achieved such greatness because he had a great team.

2 Samuel 23 lists David’s Mightiest Men. There was Jashobeam, leader of the Three Mightiest Men. He killed 800 enemy warriors in a single battle. Eleazar stood with David when everyone else fled and fought till his hand was too tired to lift his sword. Shammah stood his ground and defended a field.

Then there were the thirty-seven Mighty Men. Abashai, leader of the mighty men, killed 300 enemy warriors in single battle. Benaiah did heroic deeds and became captain of his bodyguard. Then came the other mighty men who defied the odds and completed amazing exploits.

You will never achieve your potential on your own.

If you are going to fulfil your potential you have to work together with a team.

1 Corinthians 12:27 All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.

Regardless of what is depicted in the latest blockbuster, you can’t save the world on your own. You need a team. God knew that. It’s why he created the church. The church is God’s catylst for potential fulfilment. You will achieve your potential when you are part of the body of Christ.

You will only reach your potential if you are part of an exceptional team.

2 Corinthians 8:7 Since you excel in so many ways—in your faith, your gifted speakers, your knowledge, your enthusiasm, and your love from us…

David had an amazing team. Sometimes we think there is little room at the top but it is simply not the case. You have permission to be great. There is room for your best here. Don’t be intimidated by the greatness of others, but let it drive you forward into all God has for you.

If you are going to fulfil your potential you have got to fight the right enemy.

John 13:35 Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.

Sometimes we fight the wrong enemy. Person next to you is not your enemy. The person inside you is not your enemy. Your husband, child, parent, boss, co-worker are not your enemy. Satan is your enemy. Our fight is against him and him alone.

Fighting each other will not enable you to reach your potential. When love is our anthem, we let the world know where our allegence lies, and it propels us toward the far over and above.

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