Finding Grace Trumps Karma

I have a bit of a thing with karma.

Karma bugs me.

It bugs me because it is everywhere. Television, radio, conversation – you don’t have to look hard to hear someone refer to karma like it’s awesome. (Refer to above picture from my local mall.)

According to the world, karma is cool. Karma is good. It’s celebrity endorsed. It is a life philosophy you should live by.

And it bugs me because it’s just not.

It’s not cool. It’s not good. It shouldn’t be endorsed and it’s not the kind of philosophy the world should live by.
So every time I hear “karma” my skin crawls and I want to scream. Because there is something so much better than karma and it’s almost as if the world has forgotten it exists.

I’m talking about grace.

The kingdom of God operates according to grace, and grace trumps karma. I have written an article published on and a slight variation of that article on Medium all about it. Jump over there and read because it’s good. So good you should like it, tweet it and share it as much as you can.

You see, what annoys me most about karma is that the world looks for a smidgeon of it, while grace flies under the radar, undetected.

Well, no more.

This is what I would like: I want Christians to look for grace the way others look for karma. I want you to murmur grace under your breath when a friend relays a story about how she was blessed with a free coffee. Or about an elderly person who gave her kids a ride on the Peppa-Pig-Go-Round at the mall. 

You could say, “Wow, I just love grace, don’t you?”

Or even, “I love to hear stories of grace at work.”

Or simply. “Grace.”

And see what happens. See what conversations begin.

Because God’s favour is all around and even as believers we miss it. 

Be purposeful. Look for grace. Look for instances where people don’t get what they deserve – a free upgrade, the kindness of a stranger, a promotion, forgiveness, a second chance. Grace. 

And when you find grace, tell someone. 

Like someone would tell you about karma.

Karma does not make society better. Grace does. 

Now it’s your turn
: Share with me an instance where the grace of God operated in your life by hitting reply or posting in the comments. You could even tweet it and tag me on Twitter (@sarahcoleman031). Maybe we could get it trending? #findinggrace

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Sarah Coleman is wife, mother of two boys, writer, pastor, teacher and friend. She loves Jesus with a passion and the feel of Australian sand beneath her toes.

One thought on “Finding Grace Trumps Karma

  1. Roger Crain

    Sarah, thank you for the article. I have always prided myself in living by grace. I also know the difference between grace and karma. When two people meet and began to talk about common interests, we say that they have karma. The feeling is or should be mutual. This kindred response ignites a spark in the relationship and it begins to flourish. However, it pales in comparison to what God has given every believer who has ever grapple with the idea of “Finding Grace.”

    Can grace be found? I doubt it. Grace is unmerited pardon from God whether we accept His Son Jesus Christ or not. Every person on the face of this globe are beneficent of grace. All of us have grace whether we like it or not. Again, thanks for the article. I love your blog, very informative and spiritually uplifting.


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