Join my team of insiders for the sequel to Single Christian Female, Married Christian Female. You will be emailed a link where I will continue to upload new chapters as I write them. Plus, I’ll give you input into topics I discuss, cover design, and more.

I wrote Single Christian Female in 2002. I was twenty-seven, and compelled to write my journey and revelations on being a single Christian woman. I believed that I would be married one day, so the book is full of my thoughts, frustrations, and hope. I shared my story and life.

I have been married for seven years, and there are people out there with more runs on the board, so to speak. That’s where you come in! Married Christian Female will focus on my journey of marriage thus far, however I hope to incorporate stories and wisdom from my family, friends, and of course, you.

I pray you enjoy Married Christian Female. We will laugh together, have some fun, and impact marriages around the world. Don’t forget to email me your thoughts and insights.

Let’s do this!

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