Is Jesus missing from your Christmas?

My family decided to make a statement with our Christmas lights. While everyone else in the neighbourhood decked their homes with Santa and reindeer, we placed a manger in our garden. And in the manger, wrapped in an old towel, was a doll from Kmart representing baby Jesus.

Cars would crawl by our display, admiring the pretty lights, and felt perhaps our subtle acknowledgement of the reason for the season. At least we thought so.

Leaving for work one morning, I had to do a double take.There sat the manger, but where was baby Jesus? I searched our garden, yard, and several other gardens and yards.

But baby Jesus was gone.

Prior to Jesus birth, the world was covered in darkness. For four hundred years, God’s voice was silent. In His absence came rules, oppression, and injustice.

That’s what happens when Light is gone. More darkness. Greater oppression.

John 1:5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

Light came as a baby. Light pierced through the darkness, and darkness would never overcome again. No more injustice. No more pain. Instead, grace and truth.

Jesus is still the answer. He is the inextinguishable Light to overcome immense darkness. He has not vanished. He is not momentarily distracted. He is Light in our world. Jesus shines.

A few days later baby Jesus was returned to us – in exchange for chocolate. As you know, the ransom for our lives was more costly.

Love shines on at Christmas. It is not missing. He paid the price for it to shine through you.

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Sarah Coleman is wife, mother of two boys, writer, pastor, teacher and friend. She loves Jesus with a passion and the feel of Australian sand beneath her toes.

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