Mistakes Women Make As Leaders

Early December I addressed the women of my church at our Christmas banquet. The message I felt to bring was about leadership. I spoke about common mistakes women make as leaders, how to avoid them and finally, how to get out there and lead well.

A few days later I wrote my notes into an article and submitted it to a publication I contribute to often. Most of the time my articles are printed without a problem.

Not this one.

The publication would not use my article because their audience does not look favourably on women in leadership.

I was floored. I could not believe that there were people (hundreds of thousands of them) who believed women in leadership to be wrong, even unbiblical. I have been leading as a pastor for the past twenty years. I have never considered myself to be out of the will of God or that God would prefer a man do my job. 

Last week I published the unacceptable article on Medium. You can read it here (and follow me on medium here).

In the article I talk about three mistakes women make as leaders, the first being not recognising themselves as one.

Girlfriend, I want you to listen to me and listen good – you are a leader. God gave men and women authority in the garden of Eden to rule the earth. That means lead. Sure, women were made helpers but you don’t help anyone by sticking in the shadows. You help others by leading and walking in the dominion God has given you.

I don’t know where you are at in your leadership journey but today I want to encourage you to see yourself as a leader. Perhaps you have been held back by erroneous thinking related to female leaders, maybe you have never been told of your true leadership potential. Let me tell you today – you are a leader. Lead well.

The article on Medium concludes in saying leadership is all about expansion. I leave you with this thought: how does God want you to expand as a leader this week, this month, this year? 

I would love to hear your responses in the comments section or via email if you hit reply.

Don’t let misconstrued thinking box you in. Jesus empowered women to lead. He still does. He is empowering you. 

You go, girl! Get out there and lead.

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