Empowered Mothers, Empower Mothers – A Mother’s Day Pick-You-Up

I wonder if Ruth questioned the validity of her role? I wonder if she had days where she never made it out of her pyjamas and thought, "Wasn't life meant to be more than this?"

I'm just picking up the leftovers of harvest.
I'm just changing nappies.
I'm just putting toys away so I don't step on Lego through the night.
I'm just caring for my elderly parents.
I'm just chauffeuring my busy teenagers.

It may seem trivial. It may seem like little.

It makes a difference.

Take The Limits Off – The Unlimited Series

If you want to take the limits off your life you have to take opportunities. Sometimes opportunities don't look like much, but they are there for the taking.

Jacob had made stew. It was no Croquembouche. No eight course degustation meal. Jacob was no Masterchef. It was stew - lentil stew at that.

Who would trade birthright for stew? Esau did. Jacob saw the opportunity and he took it.