Single Christian Female touching lives in Brasil

It is always great to hear from readers who are challenged and inspired by my books. Mari sent me this email over the weekend when she finished reading Single Christian Female, all the way from Brasil. Here’s what she said:

Hey sarah… You can’t imagine how your book “single christian female” hás blessed me. I was so sad, unfaithful about Gods plans for me, and I was looking for answers that i found WHILE i was reading the book… Such a kiss from heaven! These times are hard, Im a medical student and i thought i was over it. So dificulta to move on… But FAITH “is STAND”, correct? I’ve learned!!!!! You give light and improve my faith during my reading… I just realize that BRAZILIANS Needs This books translated! Count on my prayers… Xoxo from Brasil, Mari.

And you can count on mine, Mari. Thanks-a-million!

Here’s the quote she referred to:
I am now beginning to understand what Paul said in Ephesians 6, “Having done all to stand. Stand…” I always wondered why we were standing not advancing. Faith is about standing. Faith isn’t a journey. You arrive and stay there. Fighting for faith is fighting to stand in what you believe, and what is true. So I hope and stand in faith that I will meet “the one,”and it will be perfect. It doesn’t just happen in the movies or fairytales. God wants me to have it all, and I can. We all can. Like Jesus said to the parents of a beautiful, but dead, young, virgin girl…only believe.
Single Christian Female

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  1. mari

    ah, you’ve become my mentor. Oh Gosh, how you are gifted and this book have blessed me in different ways until today. Another perspective, more faithful and strong (in Jesus and who I am in His purpose!). Thank you so much again… you are one of kind! I wanna met you…” please God”! Hehe THANKS THANKS THANKS …


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