Bieber, Jesus and Me

Australian media were dumbfounded. Why would Justin Bieber fly all the way to Australia to attend church? Why didn’t he perform? Wasn’t his presence a big deal? It wasn’t.
Because some 30,000 people were not coming to see a celebrity, we were interested in the presence of the King of kings and Lord of lords. We came to meet with Jesus. 

Who cares about Justin Bieber when the presence of God fills the room?

And it did, last week at Hillsong Conference.

In a previous post I wrote that I would attempt to post sermon notes from sessions at Hillsong if the schedule wasn’t too demanding. Well, it was. And posting to my blog at conference was just too crazy in between running after the family and trying to digest it all.

But I have come good on my promises. I posted session notes – a week late – from three of my favourite sessions with John Maxwell, Rick Warren and Carl Lentz a little earlier in the week. You can read them below. The sessions were inspirational. I hope you understand my notes.

The theme for the conference was Speak, God; we’re listening. The overall message God spoke throughout the conference was urgency to reach the lost. I was challenged to strategically work my unsaved list and drop God-thoughts in daily conversations with others. 

Today I leave you with some of my favourite quotes from other sessions. Chris Caine, Judah Smith and Jentezen Franklin were all incredible.

The Great Commission is for everyone not just the navy seals of the church. – Christine Caine

I can not stop bad people from doing bad things, but I can inspire good people to do more good things. – Christine Caine

We live in an age of non-stop noise. Do you get quiet enough to hear God? We Facebook more than we seek His face. We txt more than we study the text. Do you disconnect from the weapons of mass distraction long enough? – Jentezen Franklin

Hope you enjoyed my snapshot of Hillsong Conference. I’ll be back to the regular blog next week.

[Photo is Martin Smith singing “God’s Great Dance Floor.” It was amazing.]
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