Child of God, it’s your time to rise!

As a Christian woman I tend to gravitate to stories of women in the Word. Women don’t get a big mention in the Bible so when one appears, I feel compelled to listen to her legacy.

One such woman is Deborah. Deborah was a judge who brought about victory and peace for Israel. In Make Yourself Amazing I tell her story from Judges 4 in detail, but here I would like to draw your attention to the final line of a song Deborah sang once the victory was won (yes, there appeared to be no end to Deborah’s talent, she was even a worship leader).

Judges 5:31b (NLT first ed.) says, “May those who love You rise like the sun at full strength!

Read it again. Let the words sink in because if you haven’t noticed, Deborah was singing about you. Deborah sang a victory song millennia ago declaring you rise like the sun.

Here’s an excerpt from Make Yourself Amazing so you know what a good thing your missing:

Child of God, it’s your time to rise.

Satan is in a vulnerable place right now. Due to the death and resurrection of Jesus, he is completely exposed. It’s time to take advantage of the situation and nail the devil once and for all! It’s time to rise like the sun. It’s time to nail the devil. It’s time to emerge from oppression and brokenness. Don’t delay; rise like the sun today.

Deborah did; now it’s your turn. Rise like the sun on a cloudless day, penetrating the atmosphere with intensity and strength. Jesus made a way: rise like the sun at full strength.

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