Crushing Fear: Your Stories

Last week I preached a message at my church titled, #FightFear from Psalm 91. I transcribed my notes into an article published on Crosswalk. It resonated with more than 3200 people who liked the article on Facebook.

Over the coming weeks I will be continuing the discussion on how to crush fear with the Word of God. Before we do, I am keen to hear how the article and/or preaching has impacted you.

Some commented that my article didn’t give and appropriate view of reality. I did not discuss what to do when tragedy happens, as it does. As far as I know, when bad things happen, you go to the Word. You keep confessing. You keep believing. You keep going. There is enough bad talk in the world. We need more good and more Word.

So I’ll go first. This is what crushing fear looked like in my life. How I practised what I preached.

3:20am: My son was coughing. He sounded like a freight train. He has been hospitalised before. Usually I worry. I envisage returning to hospital. I think of him attached to respirators. I suspect the worst, tossing and turning in anxiety.

But not tonight. I chose not to fear. I was tempted by my old habit, but didn’t go there. As negative thoughts flooded in, I prayed in the Spirit. I sang to myself, “By His stripes we are healed… In Jesus name.” I pictured my hand reaching into his bedroom, commanding his lungs to relax and for the spasm to cease.

4:00am: (Or there abouts) I fall asleep. Not fitful, not restless. Peaceful sleep, knowing my son is resting in the arms of his Saviour. He is calm and no longer coughing. Healing has come. Fear crushed.

What is your story? How have you crushed fear? I can’t wait to hear your heart.

Go. Write.

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