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Sustainability, mentoring, and collaboration are buzzwords in current leadership trends. We glean wisdom from the secular world, but there is an age old current that should be first priority in the life of a Christian leader.


Jesus’ goal was making disciples. It was the command he presented to the world at his departure.

Christians are not instructed to become a mentor or build with sustainability and collaboration. We are to be Jesus’ followers and make disciples. There is a difference. Paradigms and methodologies are helpful, but never lose sight of the primary goal. Discipleship is our mandate. It will produce longer lasting results, besides.

Be a Disciple

1 Kings 17 introduces us to Elijah. Elijah was a prophet of God. Whatever Elijah said, came to pass. He was the real deal.

Before he was prophet, Elijah was disciple of the Most High. He was hidden by the Brook Kerith, alone with God and the ravens. There, Elijah discovered the art of abiding. He learnt to trust God, and listen to his voice.

First and foremost, we are disciples of Jesus Christ. We abide in him, and hear his voice.

From time to time in our Christian walk God gives us Brook Kerith experiences. Periods of awakening and enlightenment, where God personally ministers to us. Intervals of deeper reflection and revelation. Where we, like Mary, sit at Jesus’ feet. They build and equip us for things to come.

If this is your season, make communing with him your focus. Appreciate time with him. Soak in his love.

Those times in life are precious. But they are not reality. Elijah did not get fed by ravens forever. He had to go back to dealing with real life. Elijah was ministered to for a deeper purpose.

When reality hit, it was Elijah’s time to discipline others. Even if they were unlikely candidates.

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