Do you want to go to Hillsong Conference?

It was 1994 and my sister’s school was taking a bus load of students to Hillsong Conference. I had never been and was slightly jealous my little sister would have the chance to experience the Christian phenomena before I did. It just so happened there were a couple of spare seats on the bus. I jumped at the chance.

Hillsong Conference was amazing. Amazing. The following year I took my parents, and for many years after that a delegation from our church would travel to Sydney for a week of worship, teaching and bonding.

The theme for Hillsong Conference this year is Speak. I can attest to God speaking to me during Hillsong.

In 1996 I decided to take the youth ministry elective. I wasn’t involved or interested in youth ministry at the time but for some reason chose the elective. On the first day of the first elective session, Donna Crouch spoke. In the middle of her message she said “You just have to love kids. Youth ministry is about loving kids.”

Tears streamed down my face and in that moment I felt something I had never felt before – a supernatural love for the kids of my community.

“I love kids. I’m going to be a youth pastor.” 

And I was called into ministry.

Last year my husband and I watched a few Hillsong conference sessions on Daystar television. As we joined the worship from our living room and heard the preaching, my heart remembered what it was like to be there. What it was like to take a week out of life to hear from God and focus on Him.

It was awesome.

And I missed it.

So we decided to go. We registered for conference 51 weeks ago and I jumped all over the house singing a silly song about going to Hillsong. We waited a whole year. 

Now it’s here. Tomorrow I board a plane with my family to Hillsong conference. I am so pumped. And while I am a bit of an old hand at Hillsong conference, I have never done it married before. And I haven’t done it with kids going to Kidsong before. So this is a new adventure for us all.

Now I don’t want to make any promises, but if I can access wifi and the schedule is not too demanding (who am I fooling…this is Hillsong Conference, of course the schedule is demanding), I will post some of my session notes on the blog. I’ll also post pictures to my Facebook page and tweet about conference on Twitter

Hillsong Conference is an incredible experience. It is full on. The schedule is insane. But the God moments are out of this world. 

You may never get to a Hillsong Conference, but I will do my best to bottle it and post what God is doing in Sydney, Australia this week. To read my posts as they happen, like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. If you are a subscriber, you’ll see the my posts in your inbox on Friday.
Speak, God. I’m listening.

Now I’m off to pack.

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