Don’t Turn Back Now

The road ahead seems daunting. Uncharted territory. Part of me feels ill equipped, yet on the other hand, I have waited for this all my life. All the pain, all the discomfort, all the disappointments, all the victories, have prepared me, shaped me, sharpened me for this moment. 

I have only ever known wandering. Forty years of wandering through the desert. Journeying toward a four-hundred-year-old promise with a generation of doubtful, discouraged people. A people who refused to believe. Life hasn’t been easy, but if the Lord provided manna which sustained us, water from a rock, and clothes that never wore thin, His promise will be fulfilled. He is God and He is good. 

Joshua 1:2 …The time has come for you to lead these people, the Israelites, across the Jordan River into the land I am giving them. 

“The time has come for you,” continues to ring in my ears. This is my time. This is the mark I will make on the world. This is my legacy: to lay hold of the Promised Land. I cannot breathe for the excitement that burns in my soul.

I will not fear. I will not be discouraged. Now is the time to move forward. The time to fight. To do what I was born to do – enter the Promised Land. And possess it for generations to come.

There are giants and fortified cities. The land is vast and the battles will be many. But the Lord will go with me and fight for me. He will be with me. His face shines upon me. The Lord will give me peace.
I cannot hold on to the past. I am strong. I am courageous in the face of the unknown. Because I believe the promise. I believe the Lord.

Child of God, the time has come for you. Life has its disappointments, but you are bigger than that. This is your time. Gasp hold of His promises. Be strong. Be courageous. Go up into the land and possess it.

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Sarah Coleman is wife, mother of two boys, writer, pastor, teacher and friend. She loves Jesus with a passion and the feel of Australian sand beneath her toes.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Turn Back Now

  1. Jael

    Thank you sis Sarah. Its beautiful . it encourages me as this is the particular crossroad I am at. SO BLESSed TO HAVE YOU…may the Lord bless you all the more..


    1. Sarah Coleman

      Don’t give up! Breakthrough is just moments away. Keep pressing forward. You’ll get there. God bless.


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