Founding Princesses Wash Their Hair

Mum-buns, unwashed hair, stretch marks, yoga pants and lack of make-up when going in public – such are the trademarks of today’s mother.

And I get it. I get that we need to be real about motherhood and get rid of the pressure to look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Kim Kardashian when we step outside the door with our brood.

It’s like slackness has become a trophy. I don’t believe motherhood to be the time to let yourself go.

Oh, it sounds noble to be too busy fussing over your children than to have any time for self. It is altruistic to throw one’s self on the altar of self-sacrifice.

But what if self-care is in fact for their sake? What if taking pride in your appearance and looking after yourself is more than keeping up appearances?

Genesis 17:16 She will receive My special blessing, and she will conceive a son by you. With My blessing on her, she will become the founding princess of nations to come. Kings of many peoples will be counted among her children.

I’ve got a bit of a thing at the moment for Sarah – our mother of the faith if you will. Scholars believe Sarah was the most beautiful women – apart from Eve- the world has ever seen. She was drop dead gorgeous even at ninety.

And while Abraham could not fathom her true potential, God could.

More than a woman. More than a womb. More than a mother. He called her Founding Princess.

Father calls you Founding Princess too.

And that’s why it’s not time to let yourself go. That’s why you need to take your role in life far more seriously than you do.

Because there are tiny feet (and not so tiny feet) walking in your footsteps. There are ears listening to your every word. Every. Word.

Your life builds a launching pad for the princes and princesses who follow after. If your life is shaky, they will not launch far. But if your life is stable and consistent, faithful and persistent, their lives will be propelled into the far-over-and-above-o-sphere.

Many families abandon their roots and Christian heritage in lieu of sport or artistic performance. They believe they can pave their own way yet get lost along the way.

You need church. You need a village. You need firm-foundation faith.

It is not the time to let yourself go – spiritually or otherwise. Live like the founding princess God has called you to be.

Pray with me: Father, I am a founding princess in Your Kingdom. My life is a platform which my children will one day launch off into their far over and above. I refuse to let myself go spiritually but recognise the significance to which I am called.

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