Hillsong Conference Notes – Carl Lentz

God is not a God of behaviour modification but soul transformation.
How is your soul?3 John 1:1-11
We all long in our soul for peace and fulfilment.Our world has no idea how to find this peace.

It can be wrong in the world but well in your soul. Sick in body, but well in your soul. We cannot avoid the condition of our soul. Our society is designed to distract people from the condition of their soul.
Three things that happen when it is well with your soul.

1. We change the environment, the environment does not change us.

If you don’t know what you stand for the world will tell you.

Do not acclimate to dysfunction.

We need to be different. Protect your soul. 

Negativity, criticism, we stop caring about what we should and start caring about what we shouldn’t. 
2. You give God the benefit of the doubt.

Unhealthy souls are waiting to be wounded.

“I pray all may go well with you.”

Waiting for God to bless your life, or are you waiting to be hurt?

I still want to be shocked by negative news.

Be conscious of the theme of your soul because it will become the theme of your life.

I want to know what God can do with my soul.
 3. They get help when hurting.

Unhealthy souls try to do it on their own.

If you have a need, you should be needing Jesus. The more broken you are, the more you need Jesus.

The longer you walk with Jesus the more you should realise your need for Him.

I can’t breathe without Jesus. 

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