Hillsong Conference Notes – John Maxwell

Matthew 5:13-16
Shake the salt and shine the light.

1. Most lost people do not have a correct picture of God.

2. All lost people need unconditional love. – People would rather correct you than connect with you.

3. Most lost people will not come to the church for help. – It is not on their radar. So what are we going to do? We need to connect on their level.

4. Most Christians don’t connect strategiecly with the lost.
The rule of five.

You don’t have to swing the ax all day, just do it everyday.

Intentional. – you swing at your dream.

Practical. – you need the right resource.

Focus. – you just hit one tree. 

Action. – the ax won’t swing itself.

Consistent. – do it everyday.
The rule of five is all about behaviour. 5 things everyday essentials.

1. Connect and care for lost people.

Before you lead people, you have to find people.

Jesus was a great connector.

2. Pray everyday for the opportunity to share my faith.

3. Intentially drop positive God thoughts with people.

Get salty with people. Make them thirsty.

4. Add value to people to gain their respect.

Exceed expectations. 

5. Strategically work my lost people list.

Don’t rely on the church to do the work Jesus asked you to do.

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