Hillsong Conference Notes – Rick Warren

Tune in to the voice of God.
My sheep hear my voice. Hearing Gods voice means you are His children.

It protects from mistakes (Job 33)

1. Start with an attitude of submission.

Exodus 4 What is in your hand? The second most important question in life.

Something that was dead comes alive. Then it dies again.

God never does miracles to show off.

God knows what is in your hand. He wants to know if you know what is in your hand.

The staff represents:

Identity – It represents who Moses is. 

Income – Wealth was in the number of animals someone had. 

Influence – Staff is used to move sheep.

Lay down your identity, income and influence. Give it to Me, and I will make it come alive. Every time you pick it up it will die. 
From this time it is not called a staff, but the Rod of God. 
Take your identity, influence and income and lay it down, and God will make it come alive.
It all starts with Moses hearing the voice of God. It starts with his submission.
Prerequisites for hearing God:

1. I must believe God cares about the details of my life.

2. God wants to answer my questions.

James 1:5-6

God does not shut His storehouse until you shut your mouth.
How do you hear from God?

Habakkuk 2:1-2 (TEV)

1. Withdraw – get alone.

2. Wait – calm thoughts and emotions. (Psalm 46 Be still and know I am God.)

3. Read the WordStop waiting for a voice start looking for a verse.

Also, God speaks in mental pictures. 

4. Write – write insights God gives.

5. Review – test imporessions God says to you. 
6 ways to test an impression

1. Is it consistent with the Bible? The Word of God lasts forever.

2. Will it make me more like Christ? 2 Cor 10:5

3. Does my church family confirm it? If it is true, it is not new.

You will always find someone to tell you what you want to hear. But church family will tell you what you need to hear. When in doubt, check it out.

4. Is it consistent with how God shaped me? Eph 2:10. Look at how God wired you. God is not schizophrenic.

5. Is it convicting rather than condemning? Satan is the accuser. Conviction is because God loves you. Condemnation says you are worthless.

6. Do I sense God’s peace? If you feel pressured, feel like running, it’s not God. Satan drives you.

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