His Word has power

Luke 1:37 (ASV) For no word from God shall be void of power.

Yesterday we talked about the miracle conception of a child in the womb of the Shunamite woman. When she received a Word from the Lord, her response was one of disbelief. 

In contrast, Mary, the mother of Jesus, when given a Word from God, responded in faith. “May everything you have said about me come true,” she said.

No Word from God is void of power. God’s Word is powerful. It is the final authority in your life. God has declared that you will hold a baby in your arms. Get your hopes up. Respond in faith. Thank the Lord each day for answering your prayer.

Over the last five days you have learnt that God wants you to conceive a child and you have asked Him for a baby. Be expectant and joyful. The Word of the Lord will achieve what it was sent to do. You are expecting a baby!

Prayer: Father, I know that Your Word is powerful. I believe and respond in faith. I expect to fall pregnant.

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