Honour marriage

The following is an excerpt from a new chapter in Married Christian Female. The chapter is called Sacred Matrimony and talks about keeping your marriage sacred. If you like the excerpt, check out more of the book here.

What I don’t like is the attitude society has toward marriage. Marriage is not valued. We need to value marriage again. It is not a luxury for the wealthy. It is not an expensive ceremony and celebration. It is a precious covenant. It is a beautiful, sacred union. It must be valued. 

Honouring marriage
Hebrews 13:4a Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage.

My husband and I are blessed. We both come from a long generational line of marriages. Both our parents have been married for over forty years. Our grandparents were married for many years. My maternal grandparents were married over fifty years.

I know that I have only been married seven years, however I have an impressive pedigree! Their marriages were not perfect. They went through fire, but they stayed together. They chose to work things out and still be in love.

I value the legacy that we have been handed. I do not treat it lightly. They have paved a way for our long lasting marriage, and to this, I am grateful.

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