I will not bow to fear

A number of years ago my husband and I toured Israel. It was before children. Well, actually it wasn’t. I was pregnant with our eldest, nursing morning sickness through Israel. Now, that’s another post…

One of the places we visited was Harod Springs. An out of the way tourist stop. We travelled in a bus for an hour and a half (might I remind you of the morning sickness). It was pretty. A picnic area now. But it was not all that special. It was not obvious why we trekked all this way to see a little stream in the middle of nowhere.

When the warrior Gideon had to whittle down his army, the asked the men to drink from the water at Harod Springs. Gideon did not choose men who bowed down to lap like a dog. Rather, he chose men who cupped water in their hands. Why? What did drinking style have to do with anything?

Harod means fear. Gideon did not choose warriors who bowed to fear. He chose men who spoke to fear, with their eyes on the future.

This revelation spoke to my heart. You see, a few months before our trip, I lay in a hospital bed weeping. I had just experienced a miscarriage. It devastated me.

Now I was pregnant again, but instead of joy, I felt fear and apprehension. What if it happens again?

That day at Harod Springs, I decided that I would not bow to fear. By the stream in the middle of nowhere, my husband and I spoke to fear. We confessed that our pregnancy would not end in miscarriage. That it would produce a beautiful baby (he so is).

Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I let fear get the better of me. However before long, God takes me back to Harod Springs. My watershed moment. When fear comes and attempts to control my thoughts and decisions, I refuse to bow.

Whatever you are facing today, God is reminding you to refuse to bow to fear. There may be a war ahead, but the battle is the Lord’s. He will fight for you. Victory is yours. The miracle has arrived. Do not bow to fear.

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Sarah Coleman is wife, mother of two boys, writer, pastor, teacher and friend. She loves Jesus with a passion and the feel of Australian sand beneath her toes.

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  1. Tania Foster

    Love this Sarah and love your heart for God and yes Oscar is a delight x


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