If you want to judge, judge correctly

There is a famous story in the Bible of Jesus dining at the home of a well known Pharisee. While at the table, an adulterous woman came and washed Jesus’ feet with tears, and wiped them with her hair.

The dinner host was appalled that Jesus would let such a sinful woman come near Him. Jesus knew the Pharisee’s thoughts, and in response, told a story.

The parable described two people who owed their master a debt. One owed a small amount, the other significantly larger. Upon realising that neither servant can pay, the master cancelled each account.

Jesus then asked the Pharisee, “Which servant loved the master more?”

The Pharisee responded, “The servant who was forgiven the greater amount.”

Jesus answered, “You have judged correctly.” (Luke 7:36-50)

In life, I make many judgements. Opinions about weather, food, a television program, politics. And of course, I believe my assessment to be correct.

But I also judge people. I criticise what they wear, lifestyle habits, and choices. I judge who they associate with, where they go, and what they do. And of course, I believe my view to be correct.

But is it? What is a correct judgement in the eye of God?

There is only one qualification that is worthy of my judgement. Only one appraisal of someone’s life that I should make: Does he/she love the Master? Only then, have I judged correctly.

From now on in my life, I aim to judge others based on one thing: do they love Jesus? If they do, we are family. If not, I need to make them family. On all other matters of lifestyle, I make no adjudication.

Then I have judged correctly.

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