In 2016 You Will Need To Be… Open


adj. allowing access, not closed or blocked, exposed.

2016 is a year when you will need to be open. Open to the unexpected.

There will be new and unusual opportunities in 2016. Opportunities that will at first seem absurd. This is why you need to be open. Your initial reaction will be to turn down the opportunity, but know God’s hand is in the unusual and it will bring with it unusually great blessing.  

For some it is a relationship – a romantic relationship, a business relationship, a friendship, an alliance.

For others it is work – unusual creativity, unusual ideas, unusual strategies. A job you have never considered. A job you are not qualified for.

Be open because the lifestyle and blessing that will come through this door will blow your mind.

Once it was unusual for a woman to preach. Maria Woodworth-Etter was born in 1844. At that time women couldn’t even vote in a national election. She heard the voice of Jesus calling her to preach but she didn’t think it was possible. She was an uneducated woman. Yet she remained open and searched the Word and saw women were used of God. After a visitation of angles, Maria answered yes to the call of God.

She said,

“It is high time for women to let their lights shine; to bring out their talents that have been hidden away rusting; and use them for the glory of God, and do with their might what their hands find to do, trusting God for strength, Who has said, ‘I will never leave you.’ Let us not plead weakness; God will use the weak things of the world to confound the wise. We are sons and daughters of the Most High God. Should we not honour our high calling and do all we can to save those who sit in the valley and shadow of death?”

Stay open because your openness has the ability to save countless others.

In a recent blog on (in)courage, Angela Nazworth said, “Being open allows you to pour yourself out while being filled up.”

You can live a closed life. You can allow hurt and betrayal of the past to lock you up in prison. Bitterness and hateful attack can become your language. Refuse it. Instead be open. Be filled up. You have been looking for the key to letting go of hurt for many years. The key is to be open. And as you allow the Spirit to fill you, out of your belly will flow rivers of living water. Rivers of healing. Rivers of forgiveness. Rivers of freedom.

Decide 2016 is your year to be open.

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