Just the Right Time For Me

I don’t often get personal on this blog because I don’t think you signed up to hear about my children or my life. You want God stuff, right (btw let me know if I’m way off on this)? But the other day I was reading another blog that encouraged me to be personal every now and again because readers want to know about my human side.

Here goes.

I stopped new year’s resolutions long ago and prefer words. I find it easier to keep to a word than unrealistic goals (to find out more go to  one word 365). My one word for 2016 is no excuses. Yes, I know it is two words but they have a one word sentiment. 

No excuses. What does no excuses look like to me?

My last blog post I wrote a prophetic word “just the right time.” God said it is just the right time for breakthrough, just the right time for salvation. 

Father spoke to me through that word too. God told me it is just the right time for my next book. 

I have been writing this book for a number of years. It was almost complete as a manuscript then it was wiped from my computer – in essence I have written it twice. 

But God said its time. So I’m getting it ready. This is my no excuses year. I’m hitting publish. 

The current title is Wedded Bliss: Godly Marriage for the New Millenium. I’d love for you to be part of the pre-launch phase and launch so stay tuned. (Comments on the proposed title welcomed.)

On Saturday our church held an annual fundraising event for a program I facilitate with young girls. We shine a light into their lives so they recognise the glorious confidence and beauty God has given them. At the event I announced I am running a half marathon in September to raise more funds for this program. I ran my first 10km (roughly 6.2 miles) a month ago. Doubling it is a big deal. To be honest, I’m pumped and feel fit for the challenge. No excuses. I might start posting my progress on Facebook for those who follow me there.

That’s me, showing a little of my personal side, so you know that whatever I write about or challenge you with, it’s challenged and worked in me first. 

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Sarah Coleman is wife, mother of two boys, writer, pastor, teacher and friend. She loves Jesus with a passion and the feel of Australian sand beneath her toes.

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