Keep calm in the Silly Season

Exodus 14:14 (NLT) Just stay calm.

It is the time of year when everything cranks up a notch. There are parties to attend, presents to buy, recitals to go to, and halls to be decked. Plus all the regular tasks we attend to.

When the silly season gets you frazzled, repeat this over and over until it works: Just stay calm.

Other translations of the same passage sound like this: Hold your peace; remain at rest; keep your mouth shut.

Things get out of perspective quickly when we’re pressed and stressed. Think on this: God told the children of Israel to “just stay calm,” while looking into the deep Red Sea, being chased by an army. Once they calmed down, their situation changed.

So next time you’re being cornered by a hoard of holiday shoppers, remember to keep your cool. Hold on to the peace you have. Things will change.

Be amazing.

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