Savour the Journey (Our Trip Down the Great Ocean Road)

Last month, my husband and I went on a road trip. We are not road trip people. We go places. We’ve been to heaps of places. But we don’t journey. And that’s the thing about road trips. They are as much about the journey as they are about the destination.

We decided to drive an iconic strip of Australian coastline – the Great Ocean Road. We hired a car, and armed with directions from Google, we set off, feeling a little like contestants on The Amazing Race as we ventured into the unknown. 

After driving for an hour we arrived at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. And the journey began. Four hours of thousands of destinations, because every moment was worthy of one. Around each bend there were new discoveries. Stunning coastline, sleepy seaside towns, snug beach coves and endless turquoise ocean. It was a day I will never forget, because I was there for every minute of it.

Sometimes I zip through life like I’m driving down the M1. I tick items off my to-do list but miss stuff. I miss what life is really about. The road trip taught me to value and savour every moment of the journey. Not just the big moments – the destinations – but even the small and mundane. 

Driving the Great Ocean Road I didn’t tick things off. Sure we went to Bells Beach (tick); ate lunch in a hipster cafe in Lorne (tick); and drove through to the Twelve Apostles (tick). But the day was more than my list. It was cruising down the road alongside a vast ocean; watching a seal dance in the water; envying stunning homes overlooking the sea; and the joy of being with my husband. 

The moments. Every moment.

So I have decided to ditch my list and start living in the moment, wide-eyed, absorbing it as a memory tattooed on my mind. Savouring the journey and engaged in the now.

Because after all, life is truly all about the journey.

Psalm 84:5 (The Voice) Blessed are those who make You their strength, for they treasure every step of the journey to Zion. 

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Sarah Coleman is wife, mother of two boys, writer, pastor, teacher and friend. She loves Jesus with a passion and the feel of Australian sand beneath her toes.

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