Sleeping Giant

Before I went to sleep, my husband and I were talking about our generation. It seems many people who we grew up with in church are no longer attending church. Even those who had previously been in ministry are currently no longer in ministry with many abandoning their faith. It’s sad.
I struggled to get to sleep because I had too much coffee but often when this happens, God speaks to me prophetically. 
The other day I listened to a sermon by Steven Furtick. He was preaching from Mark 4 on the Parable of the Growing Seed. Ps Steven’s focus was on what happens when the seed is in the ground. When seed is in the ground it is difficult. You can’t see what is happening, and you can’t do anything to help it grow. Like the farmer you have to trust the seed will bud at the right time.
God spoke to me about my generation – Generation X – especially those from Generation X who previously were part of church and believed in God; those who went on youth camps and experienced incredible encounters with the Holy Spirit. He said this generation is seed in the ground. The devil thinks they are dead and buried, that this generation is finished and over. They are not. Right now it looks like nothing is happening. But there is stuff going on beneath the surface. God is moving and the bud is about to push through. In a little while, Father will harvest Generation X for His glory.
Right now God is watering His seed. Many in Generation X need emotional healing, healing of addictions, deliverance from sin and deception. God is raining healing water on His seed. Get ready for deep healing and massive transformation. Their hearts are turning back to the Father.
The picture I continue to see is a sleeping giant. Generation X is a sleeping giant. Like Jairus’ daughter, this generation is not dead, she is only sleeping. The Generation X bride is asleep and at the appointed time will arise. If you are a parent of such children you need to stop mourning. They are sleeping and Jesus is about to raise them up again.
And for those Gen-Xers who are following the Lord and walking in His ways He says: discern the times and the seasons, for in due course, you will call the sleeping Generation X giant to rise. You will sound the trumpet and call this generation out of its slumber and into the will of God. You will harvest your friends, your brothers and sisters as they return to join in Kingdom work. 
Generation X is a sleeping giant. They have not peaked yet. Get ready. Get ready to see what God will do through this sleeping generation when He wakes them up with power, fire and might.

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