Take The Limits Off – The Unlimited Series

Genesis 25:27-34 gives an account of how Jacob stole the rights of firstborn son from his brother, Esau.

Jacob was born with limits but he managed to override them. Jacob is an example to us today of how to take the limits off our own lives and live unhindered, unlimited.

As I read Genesis 25 it struck me that Jacob took an ordinary opportunity presented to him. When an opportunity arose, Jacob took the opportunity to take the limit of second-born from his life.

If you want to take the limits off your life you have to take opportunities. Sometimes opportunities don’t look like much, but they are there for the taking.

Jacob had made stew. It was no Croquembouche. No eight course degustation meal. Jacob was no Masterchef. It was stew – lentil stew at that.

Who would trade birthright for stew? Esau did. Jacob saw the opportunity and he took it.

In my latest book, Together: A Journey Of Godly Marriage, I talk about taking an opportunity in Shanghai on the stairs to an acrobatic show. I said to my now sister-in-law, “If you know any guys in Australia, feel free to set me up.”

There were no flashing lights or angels singing. It was an ordinary moment that was in fact a defining moment. If I didn’t take the opportunity, who knows, but perhaps I would not be married to Ben.

Decide today you will not let opportunity pass by. Take the seemingly insignificant opportunities God brings across your path.

When someone at work asks you to take on more, do it.
When the extra shift is available, take it.
When an opportunity to serve presents itself, do it.
An opportunity to give, give it.
When an idea pops in your head, act on it.

Take the limits off your life by taking every opportunity.

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