Have you been thankful today? Did you thank your husband for making you a coffee? Did you thank the person who served you lunch? Did you thank a colleague for lending a hand? Are you thankful of where you live? Are you thankful for the car you drive? The house you live in? There is so much to be thankful for.

Often in life we spend our time wanting more. We want a better job, a nicer home and a more perfect family. There is nothing wrong with improvement, but it should not stop us from being thankful for what we have. In fact, a heart of thanksgiving opens the door to better things. Psalm 100:4 says, “Enter His gates with thanksgiving.” The gates of heaven open to a thankful heart.

Make a choice to be more thankful. Teach your children the importance of saying, “Thank you.” Set an example by doing it yourself. It is not just polite, it is an attitude of the heart; an attitude that opens the door to blessing.

Be amazing.

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Sarah Coleman is wife, mother of two boys, writer, pastor, teacher and friend. She loves Jesus with a passion and the feel of Australian sand beneath her toes.

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