The Silent Struggle of Trying to Conceive

A few weeks ago I emailed a friend a copy of Expecting Daily Pregnancy Devotion to read whenever she started “trying.” Little did I know, she had been struggling to conceive. She sent me a message today, “Your devotion is encouraging me, giving me a daily faith shot.” Perfect! Precisely why I wrote it. Standing in faith that good news is coming soon.

The fact that you are trying to fall pregnant is not something you broadcast to the world. Close friends and family may be aware of your ordeal, but to everyone else, life is normal. Normal on the outside, but disappointment, heartache, and failure on the inside.

If you are silently suffering, God sees. He knows your hardship and agony. Turn to Him. He will give wisdom and strength in your journey.

Hannah of the Bible struggled with conception for many years. One day on her yearly visit to the temple, as she poured her heart out to God, she began pouring her heart out to the most unlikely listener, Eli. Amazingly, when she reached out to Eli, he became the catalyst for the miracle she desired.

Along with His Word, God has gifted many believers (and non-believers) with resources to help you reach your pregnancy goal. You don’t have to do this alone. Connect with those you trust. There is no shame in your vulnerability. Allow others to inject faith and hope into your heart. They may be the catalyst to your miracle.

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