This Little Light of Mine

I wrote a post for blog, Grace for Moms. Here is an excerpt. Keep shining, friends.

My mind goes back to an old Sunday School room of fraying carpet and an out of tune piano. Sticker books filled with pictures of cats reading, “Blessed are the meek.” I sat eager to learn. Eager to listen. Eager to hear about Jesus, and David, and a little girl brought to life.

And we sang songs. Songs about the love of Jesus. Songs about surfing for the Lord and oil in my lamp. And a light.

This little light if mine,
I’m gonna let it shine.
Let it shine, shine, shine.
Let it shine.

Childhood songs make a big impact. They shape who we are. Who we become. And with those words, I believed I had a little light. Something small. Something I was embarrassed about.

Many times I feel little. I feel what I do for Jesus is little. I am too little to do something big. Because all I have is a little light.

But it’s not little.

Continue reading at one of my favourite blogs, Grace for Moms.

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