Top 3 Ways to be Amazing in 2014

New year, new resolutions. With a new calendar, most people make goals that enhance their life. Ambitions range from losing weight and giving up bad habits, to spending more time with family. Some desire to eliminate debt, while others resolve to become a volunteer.

While these intentions are good, they forget one person – you. What are you going to do for yourself this year? How are you going to become a better person? If you want to improve your life, the best place to start is in improving yourself.

There are countless ways to become more excellent. Here, I offer my top three ways to become a better you in 2014. Prioritise these traits, and you will find it easier to fulfil other resolutions.

Give yourself a break: You will make mistakes this year. Things won’t go according to plan. Let it go. Forgive yourself. Refuse to live under the shadow of guilt and shame. Keep a clean slate.  Let go of the mistakes you made in 2013. Addictions and bad habits often stem from an inability to forgive one’s self. If you want to kick the habit, be gracious to yourself.

Give others a break: Yes, other people will make mistakes too. Rather than allow frustration and anger to get the better of you, be merciful. Forgive those who hurt you. Stop carrying the weight of bitterness and offence. No one is perfect. We all need compassion. Give grace freely in 2014.

One thing is necessary: Luke 10 tells of an occasion when Jesus Christ visited the home of two sisters, Mary and Martha. Martha busily worked in the kitchen, while Mary sat and spent time with Jesus. When Martha complained of her sister’s lack of assistance, the Master said, “Martha, dear Martha, you’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. One thing only is essential, and Mary has chosen it—it’s the main course, and won’t be taken from her.” (Luke 10:41-42) Being an amazing person is possible when you spend time with Jesus. He loves and longs to embrace you. It is the only essential thing. When you sit at His feet, everything else falls into place.

2014 is going to be awesome. Determine to be amazing, and see your resolutions fulfilled. With Jesus, you can.

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