Waging War on Moderate Christianity

Extremes of anything are not good. Extreme personalities are unbearable. Extreme relationships, toxic. Extreme weather, disastrous.

Then we have extreme faith. We all know what that can look like.

Compared to extremists, most people in the western world classify themselves as moderate. For a generation raised on terms such as diversity and tolerance, moderate life is standard. They own a moderate house, earn a moderate income, with moderate views.

It seems these moderate attitudes have crept their way into Christianity, creating a wish-washy mix of spineless believers. No faith, little hope, dull, and apathetic.

The Sunday School greats on whom we were raised were not moderate. They chose a radical life, not status quo. They pushed boundaries, and conquered kingdoms (Hebrews 11:33).

Yet in our comfortable, modern churches, with sermon notes on our phones, and a convenient, timed-to-the-second one- hour-fifteen-minute service, we then go about the rest of our week knowing we have given God the nod.

Our cookie cutter world would like us to stay moderate – Oh, you’re a Christian. That’s nice. Don’t let it offend anyone else. Fit in this nice little box like the rest of us moderates – but Christianity is more than ho-hum faith. It is power. It is fire. It is life.

So I say enough of moderate Christianity. Enough lukewarm living. Wage war on moderate in your life. There’s more. So much more.

It’s time to shake out of your moderate lifestyle. Yes, believer, I’m talking to you. You can change the world. Don’t tolerate moderate. You were created for more.

A bunch of radical Christians set out from the upper room to turn the world upside down. And they did. Now it’s our turn. Never doubt that a generation of radical, committed Christians can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Originally published as 3 Ways to Wage War on Moderation on crosswalk.com.

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