Welcome Home

Your name, my sure foundation
The hope of glory for one and all
Your love endures forever
A holy mountain that will not fall

All the earth, welcome hope
In every heart Your will be done
All Creation, welcome home
This hope is ours, Your kingdom come

– Hillsong Music, Mountain

Men and women fall. Churches split and disintergrate. Cathedrals built on sacrifice, become nightclubs. But a church built on the name of Jesus Christ is a mountain that will not fall.

According to the NKJV Study Bible on the meaning of El Shaddai (the name given to God in Genesis), “El means God, and Shadday is probably related to the Akkadian word for “mountain,” or to a Hebrew verb meaning “mighty.””

His name is a mountain, all powerful and strong. A foundation we build our lives upon. A foundation we build the church upon. The church is not built on opinions or theology. It is built on His name and His love. It really is that simple. And when we get it right, it is so right. It is a home.

All the earth, welcome home.

How many times have I lifted my hands and shouted those words while singing in the car? Many.

This is the church I see. Where every time they open the doors the living stones scream, “Hey, everybody, come to Jesus, welcome home. This is where you belong.”

Welcome home, earth. Let’s get God’s kingdom into your life. His kingdom come in our hearts. In our lives.

This is the church I see. Oh, do it Lord Jesus.

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Sarah Coleman is wife, mother of two boys, writer, pastor, teacher and friend. She loves Jesus with a passion and the feel of Australian sand beneath her toes.

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